001-Social Change Maker HQ Introduction

In this first episode of Social Change Maker HQ, Elisabeth Gortschacher shares how defining moments shaped her life and work in the world.  Explores who the Social Change Makers are. Acknowledges the profound social change work of Ashoka,  the largest network of social entrepreneurs, founded by Bill Drayton in 1980. While she questions how we can pride ourselves being an evolved society when we commit atrocious crimes against humanity –  beyond comprehension -, she reminds us of the enormous personal power we have to bring about transformational social change with empathy and compassion.

Elisabeth shared her 3 Big Whys for embarking in the Social Change Maker HQ Podcast journey/mission: To inspire a new vision for humanity; Positively influence the growth of social change makers as a credible, respected, impactful 21st Century profession; Be an anchor, inspiration and transformational catalyst for social change makers’ progress, sustainable impact and personal fulfillment. She leaves you with some reflective questions, and invites you to harness your power to transform the the world…and make the impossible possible.